Welcome to The Level Grind! My name is Philip, but you can just call me Matador. I love video games and all things geek, and with this site I wanted to inform and inspire others to be as passionate about their physical bodies as they are about their digital ones.

This is my journey to reach my full potential – my level grind.

Here you’ll find my musings on living a balanced life, ideas for maintaining your health and fitness, tips for eating clean without munching on nothing but lettuce, and reflections on the lessons I’ve learned on my journey.

I also have a YouTube channel, where I post videos on health/fitness, and video games! You’ll also see some other content every now and then – because life is too short for just having one passion.

My goal with The Level Grind is to maintain a welcoming, body-positive atmosphere while still encouraging personal growth. If you’ve never really lifted weights before, or you have a tough time with more than one pushup, then you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of; it just means that you’re ready to start building yourself.

While I love sharing what I’ve learned, this is not an instruction manual.

You won’t find all the answers here, and the tips that you read on this site won’t be the only things you ever need to know to take care of yourself.

Instead, think of this site as a starter kit. My goal here is not to get myself or anyone else ripped in 8 weeks, or to help you become irresistible to whatever gender of your choice. Rather, my goal is to give real-world advice and insight on what it looks like for a completely normal guy to enter the realm of sweat and iron.

Again, welcome, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy yourself.

Now get grinding!