It takes a lot of core strength to properly use the Thu'um, so get yourself ready with this abdominal-targeting routine. Keep your abs tight at all times, and you'll be shouting Dragonrend before you know it. Perform these exercises as a circuit, resting as needed between circuits, for 15 minutes.

Lab Rat

Good morning, test subject. I trust you're feeling well rested, and ready to begin the day of obstacle courses? That wasn't really a question. You'll be doing it anyway. Even with your special boots, you'll find that leg strength is very important to completing these challenges with all of your limbs un-severed. Perhaps we should do … Continue reading Lab Rat

The Platformer

Oh sure, it might look nice and easy, but have you ever tried jumping up with enough force to break brick? Legs are one of the most often neglected areas of muscle, and bulking them up can prove to be a tough challenge, but you can fix that with one simple thing - jumping. Use this routine … Continue reading The Platformer