The Problems with Workout Supplements

I’m not advocating that supplements are a BAD thing – I myself have several herbal supplements that I take for my health – that being said, it’s a very unregulated industry, and one that you shouldn’t mess with until you’ve done a significant amount of research.

Pre-workouts and other workout boosters are particularly subject to scrutiny, since it’s still up for debate whether or not they actually provide anything besides an extra burst of energy (and even then, that could just be the caffeine and some placebo).

I’ll admit that I’m still a newcomer to all of this, and new research is being done all the time into this subject, so please do your own research if you’re thinking about taking supplements to boost your workout. Like I said, they aren’t a bad thing, but you do want to make sure you get them from a reputable company and that you know exactly what ingredients are used when making them.

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