I Joined A Gym!

Something occurred to me the other day – I’d never really been inside a gym.

Well, not a real gym at least. Our apartment complex has a small fitness center (some free weights, a BowFlex-ish machine, and a handful of ellipticals), and when I was in college I would visit the wellness center there, but I had never so much as set foot inside a conventional gym. I guess since I was never the athletic type as a kid, I just never got around to it.

But then I realized something else: I was scared of going to the gym.

Weird, right? I took fairly good care of myself starting Junior year in college, and began my fitness journey in earnest more than a year ago, and yet the thought of setting foot in a place where I’d be surrounded by other potentially judgmental eyes had me constantly putting off the idea of trying to find a gym – “I don’t need it” I’d tell myself. “I’m doing just fine working out at home.”

Of course, that was all just another way to justify my fear of being outclassed.

About a week ago, I finally decided it was time. It’s tough to say what did it. I knew a gym was exactly what I needed to achieve my goals, and I’d been thinking about joining one for months, but finally something pushed me to pay a visit to the Gold’s Gym down the road (almost within walking distance; another reason I should have gone sooner).

Walking up to the towering edifice of the gym was strangely less intimidating than I had expected, and before long I found myself sitting with one of their trainers discussing what my fitness goals were. We talked about work, about college, and a little bit of everything. Not once did I feel as though I was out of place.

After a few minutes, we took a tour of the gym, and I found myself surrounded not by muscle-bound beefcakes who could bench press twice my body weight (although there were one or two), but by people more or less like myself – people looking to better themselves, and who went out of their way not to bother anyone else.

Before too long, I decided to go ahead and join. I’m not really sure why, but I really felt like this was the place for me. The next day, I came back for a short session with one of the other trainers, just to assess my fitness level and walk me through using some of the equipment like squat racks and bench presses that I wasn’t familiar with. It was a hell of a rough workout, but I left feeling energized and excited to come back and do it again!

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