HIIT Points

Like I mentioned a little while ago, I’m changing up the way that workouts are done here on The Level Grind. If you look at some of the older ones, you can see at the bottom that there is a recommended number of exercises (10-15 pushups for instance). I decided that this was a little exclusionary, both to people new to fitness who may have a tough time with that particular exercise, and to more experienced people who might find the routine unchallenging.

So with that in mind, I’m switching over to a HIIT format with my workouts. “But what’s HIIT?” I hear some of you asking. Read on.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and while that may sound intimidating, it’s actually a really simple concept. Basically, you perform an exercise for a specified amount of time, rather than a certain number of reps. A good example would be a routine that calls for 30 seconds of pushups. Everybody who performs the routine will be expected to do as many as they’re able within that time.

This way, more experienced people still get to push themselves, but beginners don’t feel left out. The goal with HIIT is not to do a certain number of each exercise, but simply to beat yourself. The number of reps you get to doesn’t matter, so long as it’s more than you did last time.

Some of the benefits of HIIT:

  • Aerobic: HIIT improves oxygen flow throughout the body, which can boost athletic performance and overall endurance.
  • Fat Loss: Aerobic and Cardio workouts are some of the best ways to quickly lose fat, and a HIIT regimen has been shown to aid in weight loss and overall conditioning, often engaging 80% of the body’s muscles (compare that to 40% when jogging or biking).
  • Muscle Gain: It’s hard to find a workout that both burns fat and builds muscle effectively, but HIIT regimens have been shown to do just that.
  • Quick and Efficient: If you have a busy schedule, HIIT is particularly effective, as it focuses on time rather than reps. If you do the right routine, it’s possible to get a good HIIT workout in as little as five minutes (although I would still recommend 20-30 minutes).
  • No Machines Needed: The average HIIT regimen consists of bodyweight exercises that can be done at home, without the need for an army of weights or fancy equipment.
  • Push Your Limits: Even without weights, these regimens will challenge you and force you to overcome your current limits. HIIT conforms to your physical condition, and evolves as you do.

A typical HIIT regimen will have anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute of high-intensity exercise (as hard as you can go), with 20 seconds of rest in between, as well as some lower-intensity exercises. I personally love HIIT training, since it can be tailored to fit practically anybody. I don’t know why I wasn’t doing my workouts like this all along! It’s also been proven to be extremely effective.

A 2008 study concluded that 2.5 hours of sprint interval training produced comparable results to nearly 10.5 hours of normal training!

Anyway, you can expect the next workout tomorrow (Wednesday), along with more health content coming very soon! And don’t forget that I’m always taking suggestions for workouts and posts! Do you have questions? Let me know! Got a specific character or game you’d like to see a workout based on? Let me know! I’m always eager to hear your ideas.

I’ll see you all on the workout floor soon, and remember to always stay positive!


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