Alpha Brain

Supplements have been perceived as being exclusively for athletes and other fitness nuts, but times are quickly changing. Vitamins and supplements are now becoming more and more commonplace, from daily multivitamins to herbal supplements for neurological health. 

onnitposterAlpha Brain is made by Onnit, whose booth I was able to visit at this years RTX, and they describe it as a supplement for mental dominance. It’s vegetarian friendly, and is specially formulated to improve your memory, your mental discipline, and your overall focus. I’ve been trying it out myself this week, and I have to say – it really works.

I’ve struggled with ADD since I was a kid, but since I grew up in a military family I never had the chance to see a consistent doctor to get officially diagnosed and medicated. Also, my ADD has always been comparatively mild, and nowhere near as debilitating as my wife’s, or as others that I’ve known, so I never wanted to bother with the costly and time-consuming process of finding a doctor and getting officially prescribed. So this product is absolutely perfect for me, and I’ve noticed it’s particularly good for helping me out with putting together sentences, which comes in handy for writing this post.

Alpha Brain really helps out with my ability to stay on task and actually get shit done, which any of my former teachers could probably tell you is an accomplishment in itself. On a more gamer-related note, it can really increase your reaction time, which I don’t need to tell you comes in handy during a lengthy venture into the digital world.


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There IS one interesting side effect that many have reported: vivid, sometimes even lucid dreams. Not nightmares, mind you. Just far more vivid dreams than normal. I haven’t yet experienced this side effect myself, but I take mine early in the morning to help give me a boost throughout the day. One of my friends also takes Alpha Brain though, and he’s assured me that if you take it later in the day it can sometimes make your dreams very interesting. There’s nothing serious about this side effect, for anybody curious, nor is it the symptom of anything serious. Onnit is aware of this effect, and has this to say on their website:

“Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter responsible for regulating REM sleep. The more acetylcholine available, the more persistent and broad the REM cycles became for the subjects studied. Alpha BRAIN is designed to be one of the most potent acetylcholine-enhancing nutrient based supplements available, and the results on the dream state go beyond expectations.”

I’ve only been taking Alpha Brain for a few days now, so I can’t say much about the long-term benefits, but I’ll be writing a follow-up post to this one after about a month or so. In the meantime, I would highly recommend that you try Alpha Brain for yourself! It’s just under  $40 for a bottle of 30, so if you’re like me and have been wanting to try something out to help give you that extra edge, then you’ve got nothing to lose.


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