Sugar – What You Need to Know

You’ve been hearing about it for years now – sugar being linked to diabetes, heart disease, and all sorts of other harmful conditions. Unfortunately, not only is this true, it might be even worse than we thought.

“Sugar can act like poison in high doses – and the amount in our diets has gone beyond toxic.” – Robert Lustig, M.D. (Watch his lecture)

Not only can sugar be harmful when ingested in large amounts, it’s now also been linked to Alzheimer’s, and even breast and colon cancer. I used to think that this was just alarmist thinking, but ever since massively cutting down the amount of sugar in my own diet, I’ve noticed an incredible difference in the way that I feel.

It sucks, but the results are in, and sugar is killing us.

And yet, we all clamor for more of it. That’s because, as new research has shown, high doses of sugar are just as addictive as synthetic drugs. Dr Mark Hyman has been researching the harmful effects of sugar, and discovered that it is a staggering 8 times as addictive as cocaine (Read this article for more info on all of that). Pay attention, dudes – he’s even linked sugar to spikes in cases of impotence and infertility. That’s right. Junk food goes to your junk.

In the past, the thinking has gone that fatty foods make you fat. Makes sense, right? But we now know that it’s not the actual fat that’s responsible for obesity, but the SUGAR (fat partially serves to make you full, and basically provides what your body needs to recharge itself).

Some other conditions now linked to excess sugar:

  • Obesity
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Acne

I won’t go on too long of a rant about this, because it’s such a multi-faceted issue that several books have already been written about. But I’ll definitely be writing more about this in the future, because it’s very important to have awareness spread. This is also fairly new research which is constantly being furthered by a number of doctors and scientists, so I’ll be keeping you guys up to speed on it as they start to publish more.


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